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BureauBlasts are spaced out so that each one has maximum impact. They are sent on a first-come-first-served basis, so get yours now!

Compare to the old way...

BureauBlast is the best way to let speaker bureaus and agencies know about you. BureauBlast is a cooperative effort between eSpeakers and the International Association of Speaker Bureaus (IASB) that lets hundreds of reps and hundreds of bureaus find out what you can do for their customers. It's easy, fast, and gets results.

Your electronic presskit, with video, goes to these fine bureaus and agencies:

What is a BureauBlast?

Many meeting planners come to speaker bureaus and agencies when they need a professional speaker. Those bureaus fill the slots with the speakers they know about. So how do you let the bureaus know about you?

Speakers used to try to find mailing addresses for as many bureaus as they could, and then mail press kits with a video to each of them, hoping it would be seen by somebody. It was expensive for the speaker and annoying for the bureaus, who get piles of presskits every single week. BureauBlast helps you generate an electronic presskit, and then sends it to hundreds of bureau reps all over the world. It's fast, easy, and the bureau reps prefer finding new speakers this way.

What does it look like?

You fill in a simple form (the eSpeakers Marketplace profile) and attach files, and BureauBlast generates an attractive electronic press kit for you. It contains a personal note to the bureau reps, your full bio, contact information, streaming video and audio, and more.

How do I get mine?

Use the link near the top of the screen to purchase your BureauBlast. Within minutes you'll receive your username and password to eSpeakers Marketplace. Login, fill out your online profile, and upload any multimedia files you want to (we recommend your onesheet as a PDF, several testimonial letters, and a few photos for starters). Get your streaming video attached.

When you're ready, a button inside Marketplace will submit your Blast for sending, and you will see the estimated date it will go out.

Get results

ScreenshotYou'll see a list of every bureau rep that the Blast is sent to. You can watch the list update as they view and respond to your Blast.

Marketing Bonus

ScreenshotYour BureauBlast includes, at no extra charge, a 1-year subscription to eSpeakers' popular Marketplace Plus service.