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BureauBlast is the best way to let speaker bureaus and agencies know about you. BureauBlast is a cooperative effort between eSpeakers and the International Association of Speaker Bureaus (IASB) that lets hundreds of reps and hundreds of bureaus find out what you can do for their customers. It's easy, fast, and gets results.

Your BureauBlast includes 1 year of Marketplace Plus service.

ScreenshotBureauBlast is a one-time announcement to speaker bureaus and agencies all over the world. To help you market yourself after the Blast, you'll receive 1 year of eSpeakers Marketplace Plus service.

eSpeakers Marketplace is the speaking industry's online marketing and promotion tools. It includes an online listing in the only directory of speakers that is sponsored by the International Association of Speaker Bureaus (IASB); when bureaus research new speakers, this is where the go. It also includes tools you can use yourself for direct promotion.

How does the email marketing system work for me?

SpeakerTRACK email marketingMarketplace includes an automated email marketing system called SpeakerTRACK. Load your client list into SpeakerTRACK, and it will automatically send them email notices that they'll be glad to get. How?

Marketplace gives you calendar to keep track of where and when you'll be speaking. Each time you book an engagement on the calendar, SpeakerTRACK looks for members of your client list that are in the area you'll be speaking and sends them an email to let them know when you'll be in their area.

Speakers who use this system report that they get phone calls saying, "I see you'll be in my area next month. While you're here, will you come speak to my company?" or "I've been looking for an opportunity to preview your presentation. I see you'll be in my area soon. Can I attend the event?"

How else does Marketplace help me get more business?

eSpeakers Marketplace includes website plugins that you can paste into a page on your website. Each of them adds powerful functionality to your site, and they take just a few minutes to add to your site:

  • LiveSchedule Plugin (see example)
    Many speakers like to show their speaking schedule on their website, but it's too expensive/time-consuming to keep updating the website. Let this plugin do it for you automatically!
  • SpeakerTRACK guestbook (see example)
    Every visitor to your website should become a marketing lead -- otherwise the visit is wasted. Let visitors sign themselves up for a SpeakerTRACK email from you (see above) and let you marketing list grow and grow.
  • Video Theater (see example)
    Add world-class streaming video to your website just by pasting this plugin into a page. Having real streaming video that's not just a YouTube link shows meeting planners you're serious. The high quality makes a good first impression.

Marketing Bonus

All of these great features will help you take your speaking career to the next level. And the Marketplace account is yours absolutely free for 1 full year when you purchase your BureauBlast.